From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. it is always the right moment to enjoy Janus coffee in your office.
During your break you can recharge your batteries with its thick taste.
Janus pods are the perfect solution when you want to taste in your office a creamy, thick and persistent coffee, just like the one made by your trusted barista.
Coffee pods allow you to have a fresh and high quality product fully biodegradable!

Janus coffee is available in 4 different blends:

The Classic Bar – persistent, thick and full bodied
The Extra Bar – persistent and refined with a chocolate aftertaste
The Super Bar – the Arabica blend just for true connoisseurs
Decaffeinated – the greatest decaffeinated blend with a 50% of Arabica

Coffee machine in free loan!

Try the aroma of Janus Caffè, contact us now!

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