Passion and culture

Janus Caffè has always been moved by its passion for the perfect mixing of beans coming from different varieties of plants.
Janus has been visiting plantations all over the world for 20 years in order to select the best raw material which can ensure a high-quality final product.

The composition of coffee blends is the secret to get a high-quality, unique and recognisable product.
Janus coffee blends are expertly mixed by skillful hands able to ensure high-quality standards.

The Arabica

The Arabica blend is made from the Arabica Coffea, a very fine and delicate plant growing at high altitudes in South and Central America and in some areas of Africa and Asia.
Its beans are small and flat, with a green branch colour and an intense aroma.
The coffee made from these beans is full-bodied with a bittersweet taste.
The Arabica blend is one of the most valued in the world. It contains a caffeine fix two times lower than the Robusta blend.

The Robusta

The Robusta blend is made from the Coffea Canephora, a plant that has its origin in Africa, Asia and Indonesia at high altitudes between sea level and 600 mt.
Unlike the Coffea Arabica, this plant stands thermal shock, illnesses and parasitic infestations more easily. That is why it is called “Robusta” as well as having a double coffee fix.
The Robusta beans are brown, small (length: 5-8mm ) and round with a straight groove down the center.
The coffee that comes from Robusta beans is much more bitter and full-bodied.

 Blending, roasting and grinding

The Classic bar, The Extra bar and The Super bar are the main Janus coffee blends, which are produced by mixing various types of coffee from different parts of the world.
Our experience has a main role both in deciding the purchase of the best coffee and choosing the types and the quantity of roasted coffee in order to get the required blend.
Blending, roasting and grinding are the real secrets to a perfect coffee.



La torrefazione

La torrefazione è il processo che sottopone i chicchi di caffè ad una temperatura compresa tra i 170 e i 180 gradi per un tempo necessario ad ottenere la tostatura desiderata.
Durante questa fase il caffè sprigiona le sostanze che ne determinano il gusto, l’aroma e le proprietà organolettiche come l’acidità e la corposità.

La TORREFAZIONE crea l’anima di JANUS Caffè ed è un processo delicato e imprescindibile che consente ad ogni chicco di sprigionare le essenze aromatiche che lo contraddistinguono!
Tempi giusti e temperatura perfetta!

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